Please Note: While NewSpring Church provides the names of these service providers, it should be recognized that each individual or couple must ultimately make their own decision regarding the counseling path they will take. These counselors and counseling agencies are independent of NewSpring Church, and NewSpring Church does not provide any guarantees regarding the nature of their services.

Allison Asher LSCSW 316-683-4083
Shelly Biays MS, LMFT 316-734-3690
Chris Brunson MA, LPC 316-204-0190
CJ Byler LMSW 316-217-2579
David Dettwiler LPC 316-619-3060
Jennifer Hernandez TLMFT 316-683-4083
Dee Hudgens RN, BSN, LMSW, LSCSW 316-684-3010
Brooke Miller LMSW 316-650-1877
Liz Miller MS, LMFT 316-683-4083
Lindsay Mullins LMFT 316-683-4083
Aaron Scharenberg LCPC 316-683-4083
James Smith MS, LCMFT 316-841-1986
Lou Smith LMFT 316-393-2428
Kari Vitosh MS, LCPC, NCC 316-247-0503
Mont Yourdon MS, LMFT 316-213-0251